With these tutorials, you'll learn to build websites the newest “no-framework” way. Purchasing the tutorials supports the Yax open-source project.

“After many years of writing books and articles about building websites using complex frameworks, I'd like to introduce you to a quicker and easier way to build websites, using nothing more than the technology that's built into web browsers.”

— Daniel Kehoe
Founder, Yax.com

Introductory tutorials for anyone getting started with Yax and basic HTML.
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How to Build a Yax Template

All about Yax and how to build and contribute website designs.

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What people are saying about Daniel Kehoe‘s tutorials…

“As a junior developer trying to build my own startup, you have no idea how valuable these tutorials are to me.”

Kathryn Brown

“@danielkehoe is somewhat of a hero with the stuff he puts on @github”

Warwick Poole

“Thanks so much for this. There are so many tutorials for absolute beginners, and lots of stuff that assumes expert knowledge, but not much, besides practice, to span the gap.”

Rick Quantz

About the Author

Daniel Kehoe is a renowned teacher and author, known for a lively and entertaining writing style. His book, Learn Ruby on Rails, has been read by over 10,000 people.

With Yax.com, Daniel is engaging a wider audience with templates and tutorials designed for the newest “no-framework” web standards.